Food With Care


Sunfish is a natural choice to eating healthy and better. Our mission is to create better food for more people in sustainable way, and make it affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. The Sunfish team is a hardworking and happy bunch dedicate in creating best quality food, aiming for sustainable growth. The food we eat daily, not only affect our body, but also our community and the planet.

At the core of Sunfish, we are passionate about solving big challenges on how the food industry can contribute to healthier life and sustainable growth.

Sun Giving

Sunfish is founded with be good and do great principle. We are trying to create products and services to benefit people and advance our community for a happy life. We are committed to contribute with 1 % of our annual net revenue toward furthering contribute to healthier life and sustainable growth. Contributions shall consist of cash and services that directly help to grown and maintain a sustainable growth and social justice.


  • GODE NYHETER til de som er glad i kvalitet vegansk mat. Nå tilbyr vi flere spennende veganske retter. Bestill på Sunfish.noDec, 6 2016
  • Nå ansetter Sunfish. Vi ser etter dyktige software ingeniør, R&D Souse Chef og Sushi Chef. Søk her…, 2 2016
  • Sunfish ser etter dyktig sjåfør til matlevering, kokk og servitør. Søk her, 26 2016